Well-Being & The Environment

The Issue

The environmental quality of premises is an essential part of health and well-being for employees, tenants, home owners, drivers and passengers.

The Welsh Government has published the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act and although only public bodies are bound by the Act, its aim is to actively involve other sectors and individuals.

The DRS solution

In association with our partners, we have developed services that will improve well-being in domestic and commercial premises. They include the design and installation of:

Monitoring and measurement systems – Reviewing energy usage and environmental conditions.

Condition reporting – Reporting on energy survey findings, environmental conditions, and environmental quality and cost reduction strategies.

Air filtration and purification systems – Reducing harmful airborne contaminants such as harmful gases and particulates and improving Oxygen to CO2 levels.

Lighting – Reducing energy usage whist improving light quality, in line with natural circadian rhythms, even at individual work space levels if required.

Environmental comfort – Control all building services and building automation, down to individual work space levels.

All our services are designed to lift the burden of installation and building improvements, so that clients can focus on delivery.

12th May 2017
Sustainable Developments