Cleaner Air

The Issue

It has long been known that exposure to outdoor air pollution can negatively impact on health and now there is growing awareness of the risks linked to exposure to indoor pollutants.

We can spend an average of 85% of our time indoors and as we reduce energy wastage and make our buildings more airtight, our indoor man-made environments can provide optimum conditions for infectious micro organisms to multiply.

The DRS Solution

DRS works with our environment partners to optimise clean air within the workplace and homes. By boosting air flow, heat circulation is improved and condensation reduced.

We also work closely with partners, to provide independently tested specialist systems to reduce allergens such as dust, pollen and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) through filter less “Advanced Hydrated Photo Catalytic Oxidation” (AHPCO) technology. These systems are based on technology originally developed by NASA to purify the air in space shuttles.

The combination of these advances and DRS’ installation expertise means you can be confident that clean air can circulate in your buildings.

Sustainable Developments