DRS is now a fully registered Verkada partner

DRS is now a fully registered Verkada partner

Date: 3rd August 2021

We are very pleased to announce that DRS FM Services is now a fully registered Verkada partner for installing web-based CCTV and access control.

Verkada is a modern hybrid-cloud security solution utilising AI applications. The system allows customers to manage all devices across all sites with ‘Command’, a web-based platform that is accessible from any browser.

One of its chief benefits is that no external configurations or plug-ins are required, and you can manage the system using any device, providing it has access to the cloud.

The infrastructure of the system is very simple, with no extra on-premises recording equipment required, as the storage is built into the camera and access control unit. It also has a very low bandwidth – at rest, Verkada cameras operate on just 20 kilobits.

Scaling for organisations is never a problem, as you can add as many cameras, doors, users, and credentials across as many different sites as your organisation needs.

The access control system allows for real-time visibility, giving seamless integration with video security, so that users can see what’s happening across all sites at all times. It also has a remote management facility, which allows you to securely administrate doors, set schedules and change other settings from any device utilising its cloud-based access control function.

The hybrid-cloud infrastructure also delivers advanced AI analytics directly to your organisation, and all Verkada products come with a 10-year product warranty.

If you want to discuss how web-based CCTV and access control could benefit the security of your organisation, call Mark Phillips on 07534 321002 or email markphillips@drsfmservices.co.uk

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